Discoverer’s Day

Holidays are always a good opportunity to reflect on events and occurrences from the past. On this day, European explorers are remembered in history for braving the unknown and bringing civilization to the uncivilized. However, in recent years, the irreparable damage these “discoverer’s” have caused to native peoples have been remembered with equal popularity. Most know the impact Christopher Columber had on natives and some have heard the fabled stories of Cortes.

In Hawai`i, it is the story of Captain James Cook who famously circumnavigated the globe, but was killed in Hawai`i in 1779. The news of the Hawaiian Islands quickly spread through Europe and the Americas. Hawai`i would see a flood of traders, whalers, and missionaries over the coming years as well as the introduction of new weapons, diseases, religion and politics and which would shape the next 100 years.

The Beginning

From the time of Kamehameha the Great, the kalaimoku played an integral role in the governance of his kingdom. Kamehameha’s loyal and trusted regent, chief treasure, chief counselor, commander in chief and supreme war leader during his rule was named Hu’eu Kalanimoku, a high chief from Hana, Maui and an uncle to Kamehameha’s wife, Ka’ahumanu. His counsel and leadership aided Kamehameha significantly in successfully ruling a new unified Hawaiian kingdom fusing western practices with traditional Hawaiian customs. Kalanimoku continued to counsel and advise Ka’ahumanu, Kamehameha II, Liholiho and the council of chiefs after the passing of Kamehameha. He played a major role in dividing up the lands among the ali’i, thus the term kalai (carve) moku (island, district).
With respect to and In accordance with this traditional Hawaiian regency role that served our ali’i well, The Kalaimoku Group endeavors to aide and assist today’s leaders and innovators to maximize their own potential and opportunities. By providing the guidance and consultation to strategically manage and to facilitate a variety of projects, The Kalaimoku Group may serve as an invaluable adviser to ensure successful outcomes.”

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